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Re: How to enable Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Stephen Liu wrote:

> However on browsing Internet some websites still requested to
> downloand/install jre.  I have no idea what mistaked committed on
> installation.

Nothing...  You are not reading all of the inputs...and seem to be
missing the most important.  Java plugin at 64bit is "broken".  If you
want to use java in your browser you need to heed the advice given to
you by Jay Cliburn....  I quote from his message....

Although you didn't specifically ask this, if you're trying to make it
work as a browser plugin, you can't.  You'll need a 32-bit browser in
order to use the Sun Java plugin.  There's a procedure for doing that
here:  http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=102143

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