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Re: Unofficial FAQ Update: 2006-05-11

On 5/16/06, Max Kanat-Alexander <max_list fedorafaq org> wrote:
        Hey out there, Fedora Land. :-) Since the Fedora Core 5 update of the
Unofficial Fedora FAQ we've had various bits of feedback and
improvements to the FAQ. So today we have some updates to the FAQ for


        This is mostly a "polish" update, making everything shiny and bright,
and revising the instructions to work the best possible.

        We have an updated yum configuration, updated PDF instructions, and
improved a *lot* of little things throughout the FAQ.

        Also, we have some translations that are ready for FC5, now: German,
French, Polish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese!

        I hope everybody enjoys the update! If you have any feedback, please
let me know:



Not sure if you got my emailed suggestion, but information on checking
checksums on ISOs and other files would be good : for users who
dlownload the ISOs and want to give them a check. Someone asked about
this this week on #fedora

To be updated...

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