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Re: How do I get a shutdown/restart dialogue option under the system menu at run level 3 in FC5?

On 5/17/06, sklein cpcug org <sklein cpcug org> wrote:
I have four machines running FC5.  One is configured for run level 5 and
the others for run level 3.  On the machine configured for run level 5, I
get an option for a system shutdown/restart dialogue under the
"System" menu.  On the machines configured for run level 3, I only get a
logout option, and have to su to root and run "/sbin/shutdown -h (or -r)
now" for shutdown or restart.  How do I get the shutdown/restart
dialogue under the System menu for the machines at run level 3?

Stan Klein

You can issue this command "init 0" to shutdown the system in init level 3 and "init 6" to restart the system. You can issue these commands with root only, with normal user you can use
"poweroff, shutdown, halt" etc. to know more about these commands read their man pages.

for example   man poweroff




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