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Re: FC5, Another unhappy camper

Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> writes:

 > On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 16:11 -0400, Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
 > > I have submitted enough bug reports to know that one that deals with
 > > non-FOSS software (ATI and nVidia drivers) will not elicit any useful
 > > response from Fedora.  This is the crux of my rant.  Fedora simply has
 > > a policy that for non FOSS software, move on. 
 > But really, how can they do something about someone else's software?
 > They're in the same boat as you, in that situation, use it or something
 > else.

I must be missing something incredibly simple here.  If I'm the
"project lead" for Fedora, I find somebody who just knows and cares so
much about X and anoint him or her to be the "X project lead".  This
person cares so much to have a kick-ass X set of RPMs that they
collect or build FOSS X software, drivers in this case, and build when
it comes to ATI or nVidia.  So the first ATI or nVidia FOSS drivers
suck dead moose balls, but more people want to scratch that itch,
people using Suse or Ubuntu or Debian or whatever.

So along comes "pmr" who says dual head for ATI on a think pad doesn't
cut it on Fedora.  Should the Fedora project lead (directly or
indirectly) tell him to go elsewhere?  Or should pmr be encouraged to
contact harry xyz org who is leading the effort to get the xorg
ATI/FOSS driver working everywhere and contact him to help.

So Harry, whoever and wherever you are, I want my Thinkpad working
dual head, maybe even triple head, out of the box with FC6 or FC7, and
every release thereafter.  So what can I do?  You need money?  You
need me to run errands so you can hack?  You want me to hack?  You
want me to solve problem X?  Harry?  You out there Harry?  Hello ....

One of you gurus who knows anything and everything about Fedora and X,
please tell Harry I'm looking for him.  And if you know a guy, who
knows a guy, who knows a guy who might know Harry, that will suffice.



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