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Re: yum mirrors not in sync

At 4:31 AM -0500 5/17/06, Javier Perez wrote:

>On 5/12/06, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
>>For the past couple of weeks or so, the various mirrors for fedora
>>updates(at least) have not even been close to sync'ed with the main repo
>>or each other.  Many posters have reported problems that come down to
>>un-sync'ed mirrors -- though yum may be making it worse by changing
>>mirrors on each file of a transaction (?).
>>I frequently have to Ctrl-c out of yum and "yum clean metadata" after a
>>mirror that is far in the past deletes hundreds of updates.  I sometimes
>>have to re-issue the original command after "repodata does not match
>>checksum" and "no more mirrors to try" -- it usually works on the second
>>(or third try), with the same metadata as before.  I have a workaround
>>that I won't mention here, as it doesn't scale.
>>For FC4, there were local mirror lists, such as .us.east or .uk.  I
>>don't see this for FC5.  Should there be local mirror lists for FC5?
>>I don't see any bugs on the sync issue, but I may not be looking at the
>>right place (Fedora Infrastructure/unspecified/update system).
>>Do others feel that this is a current problem with yum updates?
>>Should I file a bug, and where?
>I want to second on this.
>What is happening to the updates repository?
>This is crazy. If I want to do a rational yum update I have to keep
>disabling the updates repo.
>What can I do about it?

Well, disabling the "updates" repo would pretty much ruin doing updates, so
I don't think that's a good workaround.  You could pick a single (good)
mirror out of the mirrorlist and stick with that one.  Use the mirrorlist
URL in a web browser to get the mirrors for a repo, and edit the repo file
to use that as a base url instead.  (Apparantly several base urls can be
listed, if you want more than one mirror.)

I'm still not sure if this is a widespread problem (though I don't see how
it could not be).
TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>
      '                              <http://www.georgeanelson.com/>

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