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Re: don't see kuser

this is the result of locate and find

[root casa ~]# updatedb
[root casa ~]# locate kuser
[root casa ~]#
find: *kuser*: No such file or directory

so maybe i'm wrong but i don't see kuser.
I'll try too get the kdeadmin rmp and install it.

At 20.44 10/05/06, you wrote:
On 5/9/06, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
Antonello PAPA wrote:

> i'm a new user of linux.
> I would like to use kuser for quota of the user.
> on my system with FC4 I can't see kuser in kde and also in gnome.
> I have installed kadmin, and i see kdat.
> Any Idea?

Fedora Core's kdeadmin pkg omits kuser.  Not sure why.

-- Rex

Where did you get that idea?  Kuser is still part of the kdeadmin
package. Do a find or locate for kuser. FC5 just does not put kuser in
any of the KDE menus. You can still run it from the command line or
create add the application to the panel or desktop.

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