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re triple boot - accomplished

> I do have the triple boot working now

HI Jim 
I had to do this just to let myself know what this was all about also.
8 mib master boot record 
#1 partition GRUB for windows
/dev/hda1 9.94 gib is windows ntfs file system.
#2 partition
/dev/hda2 64.59 gib extended would be unformated space
then Fedora 5 sets itself up on the extended /dev/hda2 as
#2 partition GRUB for Fedora5 & Windows Xp to lilo for Mandrive 2006  
/dev/hda8 as ext3 /boot    101.91 mib
#3 partition
/dev/hda9 as       /home    32.13 gib volgroup00 lvm pv
#4 partition
/dev/hda10 as       /swap    1.07 mib
then Mandrive 2006 starts
#5 partition LILO for Mandriva 2006 & WindowsXp
/dev/hda5 as ext3     /boot  5.85 gib 
#6 partition
/dev/hda6 as       /swap     1.07 mib
#7 partition
/dev/hda7 as ext3     /home 25,44 gib 
I used GParted live CD
to get this info after setting up the three op systems
Boy this was a good learning session 
Serge    re tripple boot - vol 27,issue 208
this is something that may or may not happen way down the road
I am not in the process of removeing partitions at this time.

Again THANKS to all

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