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Re: yum mirrors not in sync

Tony Nelson:
>>> I'm still not sure if this is a widespread problem (though I don't see how
>>> it could not be).

Gene Heskett:
>> It is from time to time, Tony.  A few hours wait seems to fix it, usually.

Javier Perez:
> Sorry Gene, but it has been going on for more than two weeks already!
> I thought a few hours would fix it but it hasn't. I think it is past
> time the people doing the "updates" mirrors got together and start
> comparing notes. It does not seem to go away automgically like other
> synchronization issues

I've found it to be going on for a very long time too.  I don't know if
it's due to this, or other reasons, but two of our local ISP's mirrors
are now around a few weeks out of date.

Waiting and trying again doesn't help.  Waiting several hours just isn't
feasible.  While I may be on-line at an odd hour in the morning, now, I
certainly wouldn't deliberately opt to try updating at 4 in the morning
because I had to wait a few hours.

Fiddling with YUM settings hasn't helped (timeouts, wiping out cached
data or downloaded files, etc.).  About the only thing that works is let
it repeatedly try to access mirrors.  Unfortunately this takes forever,
and wastes my download allowance.  A couple of days ago it downloaded
well over 20 megs repeatedly trying to get the data for the update or
extras repo (download 1 meg of data, checksum error, repeat).  That's a
significant waste of my resources, even more so when you consider you
might try doing updates on several different occasions.  I had to give
up trying to do updates on dial-up access, it took forever and I could
get nothing done at the same time.  Using broadband just means I use up
my allowance even quicker.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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