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Q re networking, might need guru


I'm still have one hell of a time with programs like skype or ekiga, where the incoming sound is chopped up and repeated in a long long echo that sounds like a stutterer after the 200th cup of coffee for the day.

And its intermittent, I used skypeOUT this morning for about 10 minutes and it worked flawlessly for about 9, then it started this stuttering and eventually hung the connection up without my assistance.

Looking at some traffic with tethereal (no thats not a typo, I asked yum to install ethereal and thats what I got) I note that it has to 'reassemble' the 'PDU' of the majority of the traffic flowing over wlan0.

Now, I'm not familiar with a 'PDU', so I have no idea if this is related to an MTU miss-match or what. As this may have something to do with my skype/ekiga problems, is there anything I can adjust to alleviate this possibly erronious condition?

Cheers, Gene

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