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Re: re triple boot - accomplished

Jerryw4386 wrote:
I do have the triple boot working now

HI Jim I had to do this just to let myself know what this was all about also. 8 mib master boot record

It was quite an out of ordinary arrangement for partitioning. Be careful as to not remove hda2 which contains all the information to segregate your partitions besides the windows partition. All the other partitions seem to be contained in the extended partition.

HI Serge re tripple boot - vol 27,issue 208
this is something that may or may not happen way down the road
I am not in the process of removeing partitions at this time.

It would probably be best to have a backup of configuration files in /etc where you needed to make out of the ordinary adjustments and of your user files and do a clean install later down the road. Then again, running several distros might allow you to make suggestions for features missing on one to the other distribution. Fedora needs better wireless support and Mandriva probably is missing something that should be included in its distribution that Fedora excels in.


Again THANKS to all

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