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Re: Problems wiht installation

E. Neil Jimenez Aranda wrote:
(I dont know a lot of english so please i'm sorry for my errors)
I been try to install fedora core 5 in my laptop and i can not start the install program. When i put on my computer the DVD is calling but de firsth image of fedora is crashed (bad image only a litle of the all image) and when i put enter to begin the installation i receive the next message: Keyboard unknow
boot:  (i put enter here, and text and enter the next message is the same)
Could not find kernel image: Linux
in my computer i have CentOS 4.3 installed an run ok. mandriva live run ok too
my computer has the following things:
Notebook Benq R23E
512 Mb ram
40 Mb hd (15 for linux)
AMD Sempron processor 3000+
793 mhz
Via-S3G UniChrome Pro IGP video adapter
please what can i do to resolv my problem thanks

It sounds to me that the keyboard is not being mapped correctly. It would be very difficult to guess what one key would translate to, since it is unknown by the installer.

I have no idea as to how to overcome the problem. There is probably an option you could pass to the boot prompt to set you keyboard up correctly. I only use the US keyboards and did not need any option for special keyboards.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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