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Re: How do I get a shutdown/restart dialogue option under the system menu at run level 3 in FC5?

On 5/17/06, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com> wrote:
Stanley A. Klein wrote:

I put a more meaningful subject back in...

> Gracefully is what the -h option of poweroff appears to do.  It shuts
> down the drive before shutting down all power.  Right now, a shutdown
> kills all power, and I can hear the drive spin down after the power goes
> off.  On my dual-boot laptop, until FC5, I had to reboot into Windows to
> get a graceful shutdown.
> Now the question is how to edit the menu to get the dialogue when I do a
> non-graphical (run level 3) boot and bring up X by entering startx,
> versus doing a run level 5 boot directly into X.  It turns out the menus
> you get are different and I need to fix it.

Why not just create application icon on your desktop and be done with it?

> I needed to set up the non-graphical boot because my laptop has an
> Nvidia display and they recommend changing the boot to run level 3.

Who are they?  I've not heard of that recommendation before....

What is the point of staying at runlevel 3 if you are using X
regularly? Go all the way to runlevel 5.

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