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Re: Weird Login Problem

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 10:23 +0100, Chris Bradford wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am using LDAP authentication to a Windows Server 2003 domain, it is
> all working now,however I have a really strange problem.
> I can log in once with a domain user, and log out. However I cannot log
> in with a domain user again. 
> The user name and password are accepted and gnome starts to load but
> then just stops dead with a blank screen.
> This does not happen under tty1-7, just under gnome.
> Anyone else experienced this before?
ya, i've experiencing this problem also with a little difference.
I'm using winbind to connect to my domain controller. After I log in to
my computer, then the computer will stop responding for about 3 or 4
minutes. after that it's come back normal (entering desktop).

I'm trying to find out any error in Log files, but i can't found any.
Is this a bug, or maybe i need to update any packages? 

Thank's in advance


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