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Re: Command Line Printing - Custom; help ??

Hi Stephen;

Spent a large part of yesterday on this problem.  Here's what I got.

On Wed, 2006-17-05 at 17:08 +0800, Stephen Liu wrote:


> The command line will be;
> # lpr -P HP_Printer.ppd -o media=Custom.AAAxBBBpt /path/to/"file to be
> printed"
> Please advise.

I created a text file with gedit called test1 containing two lines of
nonsense text.

Then tried:
]$ lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o media=Custom.396x612pt ~/test1 

My printer loaded the half sheet of letter sized paper and ejected it
properly but no text printed.

In order to chase down the problem, I printed 'test1' using gedit with
the print gui tab Paper: => Paper size: Custom, Width: 396, Length: 612,
Points, Feed orientation: Straight, Page orientation: Portrait, Layout:

test1 printed as it should. (Well, not quite.  There was random
quotation marks (") spread throughout the text.)

]$ lpr ~/test1

Printed as it should have on a full letter sized sheet.

]$lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o landscape -o media=Custom.396x612pt

Printed correctly as a half sheet of letter in landscape mode. 

Tried -l and -o raw
]$ lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o raw -o media=Custom.396x612pt ~/test1


Regards Bill

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