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Re: Extremely poor performance crunching random numbers under PIV-FC5


I'm no expert, but I think there are different random number implementations around. For instance, one "truly" random one basis its numbers on events such as network traffic or "user inputs". This is truly random, but does require some time to gain the "entropy" needed to create a random number.

I don't know why, but maybe the -static option somehow changes the underlying random number generator used ?

A couple things you could try -

I see you use the time to initialize the random generator - Maybe you could try hard coding this, so you get the same set of random numbers each run - Then, see if you get different numbers with the dynamic and static versions.

If you run "top" whilst running the apps, is the cpu usage 100% each time ? If with the dynamic it is much less, it would suggest the time is not lost in the cpu but elsewhere (like waiting for random network/user events ?).

cheers Chris

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