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Re: Q re networking, might need guru

Paul Howarth wrote:
Gene Heskett wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 09:58, Gene Heskett wrote:
And I did have yumex search for etherape, but it came up empty. I needed a network analyzer that worked, and now I have nothing but tcpdump and tethereal, neither of which shows me what I need to know.
tethereal?  If you 'yum install ethereal-gnome' you should get
the GUI ethereal which is pretty nice to use.  Give it an
expression like you would with tcpdump to limit the capture
to what you want to see.  Or you can use tcpdump -w and
an appropriate -s snaplength to capture to a file, then
analyze it with ethereal, even on a different machine.
Tell that to the packagers. I'd first had 'yum install ethereal', but that didn't get me ethereal,it got me tethereal for some unknown reason. tethereal looks like tcpdump as near as I can tell. AFAIKS this whole networking thing is pretty badly fubar, it took me about 10 days just to make my broadcom radio work.

So where can I find an rpm of etherape that will run on FC5?
Did you try 'yum install ethereal-gnome'?  After that, it should
show up in the applications/internet menu or you can start it
with the 'ethereal' command.
Yes I did that, but I'm running kde Les, and have to start it from the cli. It didn't work, I presume its too gnome-centric so I removed it, and now etherape, another GTK+ app, cannot be made to work.

You have something even worse wrong. I see ethereal in the internet menu in a KDE session and it also works fine started
from the command line in a Konsole window.  There is nothing about
kde that breaks gtk/gnome apps.

I did not see befor or after installing etherape, and etherape was the first tarball I'd built. Everything else except skype is an rpm. And I built it to get a network monitor of SOME kind. There is not, and never has been, an ethereal available in any kde menu. What tree did yours show up in? I'm looking in the yumex info for the installed ethereal, and the info there does not show an executable binary as being part of that package:

I do not see an excutable binary in that list, hence my comment about the packaging of it. Does yours show one?

The FC5 ethereal package has some binaries in /usr/sbin

The menu will probably show up if you install the separate ethereal-gnome package.


Well, I installed it, it didn't work AFAICS, and I took it out. But here's one for you! I can't get etherape to run from the cli, so I just rebooted twice the second time because the kernel modules I need haven't been done for 2118 yet, ndiswrapper and ntfs.

Anyway, after wandering around in the menu's looking for ethereal, I found etherape, and damned if it doesn't run just fine from the kmenu. So now I have a network monitor again & camping out is happy again except for the wood ticks here in the UP.

Cheers, Gene

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