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Re: FC5 on inspiron 6400: no sound (snd_hda_intel), slow dvdrom (NEC 6650A)

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DJ Delorie wrote:
> Been working on getting FC5 working on my new dual-boot Dell
> Insipron 6400.  Down to these two problems:

I have an Inspiron E1705, aka 9400.  The hardware you have looks
almost identical to what I have.  I had similar issues so hopefully
the solutions that worked for me will work for you.

> 1. I can't hear any sound.

Install the latest alsa drivers.  See this page for details:


Sound works pretty well then.  Occasionally it will stop working after
inserting and removing the headphones a few times, but I haven't
tracked down any cause to this.  I reload the drivers when this
happens to fix it.

> 2. When the DVD-ROM is in use, system response (i.e. mouse cursor)
> is sluggish.

Try adding hdc=noprobe to your kernel command line in /etc/grub.conf.
This solved the slowness when using the DVD drive for me.

> The machine is an Intel Duo 1.8Ghz with 1G ram and 100G SATA drive,
> ATI 1300 display, with the usual collection of peripherals.  I've
> updated it to the latest RPMs too.

Check also if there are any BIOS updates.  I had some random freezes
that have stopped since updating the BIOS a few weeks ago.


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