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Re: Extremely poor performance crunching random numbers under PIV-FC5

   It is surprising that when the program is compiled with the static
   flag enabled, it runs very fast, doing 10 million calculations in only
   0.4 seconds. Nevertheless, when it is compiled without the static flag
   (that is dynamic binary), the performance becomes very poor, consuming
   40 seconds in doing it.

   This sure looks like an intel CPU problem.

Yes but he says:

''I have tested both compilations under other Linux distributions, like
Debian, and it runs in both case perfect, doing the job in only 0.4
seconds. I have also tested both programs under FC3 and I obtain the
same results than FC5. So I conclude that the problem only happens
when running Fedora! ''

It looks like the problem may belong to either (kernel/glibc?) patches or configuration options specific to Fedora.


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