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Red Hat gives up on Fedora Foundation


Red Hat gives up on Fedora Foundation 
4/6/2006 10:16:57 AM, by Ryan Paul

In an open letter distributed to the Fedora community earlier this week,
Red Hat employee and Fedora project leader Max Spevack states that Red
Hat is no longer interested in establishing an autonomous, nonprofit
foundation to manage the Fedora project. Instead, Red Hat will revive
the Fedora Project Board, which will include five Red Hat
representatives, four members of the Fedora community, and a chairman
appointed by Red Hat who will possess veto power. Dominated by Red Hat,
the Fedora Project Board will now have complete authority over the
Fedora project, including budgetary control. 

Initially announced at the 2005 Red Hat Summit in New Orleans by Red Hat
general counsel Mark Webbink, the Fedora Foundation was going to be a
501(c)3 nonprofit organization responsible for managing volunteers and
fundraising. The Fedora Foundation was also supposed to protect the
intellectual property of participants by establishing a system for
copyright assignment that would imbue the Foundation with the legal
standing required to protect the freedom of contributed content. In
October, Red Hat issued a concise update informing Fedora contributors
that the foundation had been officially established as a legal entity,
but had not yet established nonprofit status. That progress report was
the last public statement issued on behalf of the foundation until this
past Tuesday. 


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