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Re: binutils: linking of c++ code takes a long time

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Sorry to bother you with this, but I guess this topic is somehow
submerged in the constant flow of messages on this list and I have not
solved this issue yet. So, here it is again:

Christian Nolte wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a problem regarding linking of c++ code using a FC5-system. It is
> a normal sized (about 100 classes) autotools-project (CXXFLAGS=-O0 -g3),
> built in debug-mode. When it comes to the linking stage, linking takes
> about 1.30 minutes (2.4 GHz Athlon). Using a FC4-system with all the
> latest updates, linking takes about 10 seconds (1.8 GHz Athlon), this is
> also true for another ArchLinux-system and a WindowsXP-system (using the
> M$ linking-tools) I've tested. The linking time is reproducible slow on
> a second FC5-system (1.8 GHz Intel dual-core CPU).
> First I thought that there could be a binutils issue and I tried a
> downgrade of binutils- (FC5) to binutils-
> (FC4) but this did not solve the problem. The second thing I tried was
> disabling SELinux but this also did not solve this matter. Removing the
> compiler-flag "-g3" has no effect too.
> Perhaps someone of you has an idea what could be the problem here.
> Best regards
> Christian

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