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Re: running shell scripts from external USB disk

Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen wrote:

> How to change this? This USB disk is mounted automatically when pluged
> in. I cannot edit fstab since than the machine fails to boot when the
> disk is not present.

What directories are on the external drive that cause your system not to boot if it isn't present? Or is it just that fstab has an entry for the drive? If this is the case, a simple solution might be to just add "noauto" to the mount options in fstab. This just causes the system to not attempt to automatically mount the device at boot. Attaching the drive after boot should still result in it being automounted. You might also want to look at the "user" and "users" options to mount since these allow a user to mount the device (user) and any user to unmount the device (users).


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