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Re: Ac97 modem in fc5

--- "S. Cesaretti" <s cesaretti all4linux net> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have one hp nx 6110 notebook computer with one
> ac97 modem.
> I tried to install the support for that modem with
> the package slmodem.alsa 
> in rpm format but unfortunately it doesn't work.

What does not work?
the installation or the modem?

Livna has a slmodemd-alsa rpm I believe, Did you try
that one?

> I'm trying to do that with fedora core 5 and kernel
> 2.6.16.
> I tried also to do the modprobe of the module slamr
> but
> it answered that the module doesn't exist.
> How can I solve that?

Have you previously run scanModem?  
ScanModem will tell you information about your modem
and which drivers will support it/not support it.

Since you have tried alsa and 
modprobe slamr does not work, since it is an alsa
based modem by your comments

try something like
slmodemd --alsa -c YOUR_COUNTRY modem:1

and this could give you several interesting messages.

Otherwise, you might have already checked out
LinModems Resource page and sent a message/messages to
discuss linmodems org which have referred you to

Let us know so that we can help out/or if you have
solved the issue.



> thanks in advance for all information.
> best regards.
> Sauro
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