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Re: evolution contacts after upgrade from FC4 to FC5 not synced?

On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 13:24 +0200, Henry Ritzlmayr wrote:
After an Upgrade from FC4 to FC5 evolution shows an odd behavior when
adding new contacts. If someone adds a new contact in the private
contact list (didn´t try others - may be the same there) it is added
just fine but it is not shown within an auto-fill when writing a new
mail. Someone has to close evolution and restart it again so that
auto-fill recons the new contact. 

Anybody seen this?

Yep! Sure have. I've had evo completely shut down on me, then the bugtracker kicks in, claiming it will tell the world for me what went wrong.  Well, I hit the 'next' box, and it goes through a series of gyrations and my hard drive whirrs for a bit, and then the next screens says to pick my application from the list! (?) WTF? It just arose from the ashes of Evolution, and it doesn't know that? It tracked (it says) the traces, but doesn't know what program it is traceing, then it tells me after I pick Evolution from the list, that bugtracker doesn't 'know' the program. Is that in the Biblical sense? Do I introduce them? Or do I let bugtracker spin the bottle some more? <eg> What a deal. It's got <EVOLUTION> on the pick-from list, yet it doesn't 'know it'.


Life is So good, Ric

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