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Re: udev hangs in FC5

Tim wrote:
Lonni J Friedman:
The udev boot hang is before kudzu runs.

Had the same problem. In my situation, it seemed to be something to do with the probing parallel port. Booted in rescue mode and edited the /etc/sysconfig/modules/udev-stw.modules and removed 'parport_pc parport lp' from the 'for' line and it's been booting just fine ever since. Put the printer intialization in the rc.local for the moment and everything works. Have no explanation.

How's your parallel port set up in the BIOS?  Fixed addresses, "auto"
mode?  Likewise, is the BIOS set for a Plug and Play OS?  Sometimes
changing them around might be all that's needed.  My settings are YES
there's a PnP OS installed, the parallel and serial ports have fixed
addresses set for the traditional locations, and the parallel port is
set to the highest set of features it has to choose from.

Parallel and serial are fixed at their normal settings. I don't believe there's a 'Plug and Play' option, but I'll have to look. For me though, there's also another wrinkle. I have a multi port PCI parallel card for second printer and udev hangs probing this card even with the all the parallel and serial ports turned off in the BIOS. Everything works just fine from rc.local. I just put the necessary modprobe lines in and a service restart for cups. All the parallel ports are hot; printers are probed and recognized as expected. Might just be a anomaly with this motherboard as it's an older Tyan Thunder 2500 server board.


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