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cups broadcasting through a gateway

Dear List,

I am trying to get cups to share printer information to 3 networks over
the internet with cups 1.2.0 being present on two FC5 machines and cups
1.1.23 being present on one FC4 machine.  I have been working on this
problem before the recent automatic update of cups-1.2.0 and do not feel
this problem is related to the new version of cups.  

I believe the problem I am having is related two FC 5.0 gateway machines
that have two ethernet cards each.  I have one FC 4.0 gateway with one
ethernet card that is working in the manner I want.   

I have two gateway Linux machines that have two eth interfaces, and one
gateway that only has one interface.  The gateway with one interface
communicates over the internet like a charm as well as sending the
remote printer information to its local network, but the gateway's with
two ethernet cards pick up the remote printer information and makes it
usable for each gateway, but does not pass it to their local network.  

I have used 

BrowsePoll RemoteA:631
BrowsePoll RemoteB:631

BrowseRelay RemoteA
BrowseRelay RemoteB

without success.

It appears to me that the two FC5 units are receiving the remote
broadcasts (eth0) but are not relaying this information through the
other ethernet card (eth1) designed to communicate with the local

Does anyone know if this is a design limit of cups or are there some
special commands that need to be inserted in cupsd.conf for this to

Thanks for your help!!!

Greg Ennis

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