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Re: cups broadcasting through a gateway

On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 04:49 +1000, Daniel Hedlund wrote:
> Gregory,
> > BrowsePoll RemoteA:631
> > BrowsePoll RemoteB:631
> >
> > BrowseRelay RemoteA
> > BrowseRelay RemoteB
> I think your problem might be with your BrowseRelay configuration 
> lines.  To relay polled servers to a local subnet, you would use the 
> localhost interface with the following syntax:
> BrowseRelay
> or
> BrowseRelay (for a local broadcast, but not 
> sure if it restricts itself to only your local network)
> Cheers,
> Daniel Hedlund
> daniel digitree org


Thanks for your suggestion.  I tried using both suggestions but neither
of them worked, and neither of them caused any problems.  I can monitor
eth0 and eth1 on the server in question and can easily see that eth1
broadcasts the printer (lpt1) that is set up on that server, but there
is no broadcasting the information about the remote printers that are
coming in on eth0.

In my /etc/cups directory there is a subdirectory called ./interfaces
that is empty on my system.  I have not been able to find anything about
what should be placed there, but wondered if it was designed to
distinquish eth0 from eth1 etc.  

Any other ideas?


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