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Re: Postfix Problems

Can anyone point me in the right direction or webpage?  I have search on google
for this error, but they did not help.
Can you please post the rest of the information about the error (the host it was associated with, usually something along the lines of "host x.y.z[] said: ..."?

If the host is not your own computer, the problem may not be directly associated with your own server and user authentication, but rather with another email server refusing to accept your server's emails. One reason for this could be that the remote server is trying to do a reverse DNS lookup of your domain/hostname that represents your server and can't resolve it so it's rejecting your emails. Try the following URL of someone who had a similar problem to this (scroll down and look at page 2 & 3). What solved their problem was that they changed something in a configuration file from their hostname to their IP address, but they do not elaborate too much:


Daniel Hedlund
daniel digitree org

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