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Re: FC5: syslog not logging?

Joel Gomberg wrote:
Craig Goodyear wrote:
It appears that syslog has stopped working since I restarted my FC5 server yesterday, about 24 hours ago. There have not been any entries made in the following log files since the shut down yesterday: cron, maillog, messages, rkhunter.log, or secure.

syslogd and klogd are shown to be running. When the server is now shut down, the shut down of system logger is shown to fail.

I encountered this situation recently. In my case, at least, I traced it down to vmware modifying /etc/services, which then lost its proper selinux context. There were entries in my audit.log denying permission to syslogd. After issuing a restorecon /etc/services, the problem was resolved.


Thanks for the information. I did installed vmware server beta several days ago. However, yesterday was the first system shutdown since the installation. Running restorecon /etc/services and restarting syslog got things back to logging. Thanks again for the fast reply.


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