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RE: console as root-user


A simple addition of "-" to "su" will do the trick
$ su -
which essentially will make the shell a login shell

For more information
$ man su

Best regards,
Ketut Mahaindra (Ito)
"The race for perfection has no finish line"

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As you may have noticed, when you start a console as non-root user and 
then you switch to root with "su" command, you are still unable to 
execute a lot of commands, as "ntsysv" or "iptables" i think could 
because of selinux, but anyway in the computer i have i start a Konsole 
(KDE) as root and problem solved.

I have another PC only with Gnome, how do i start a console as root 
directly without switching users?

i had to use this "trick"
ssh -l root to have access to all the commands.

help me please.


Guillermo Garron

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