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Keep all video on the screen

An explanation would be helpful, but a point in the right direction would be appreciated as well.

I have 5 machines connected to the same KVM switch connected to a 1U KVM.

When I have gone from one version of Fedora to the next, it seems the video between each version just does not match. Two of the computers have the same onboard chipset, the other 3 are all different. If all boxes run the same version of FC then the display remains aligned with the screen. But when I have had different version running (i.e. when I had FC 2 & FC 3) I have had to use one set of display drivers (LCD or CRT) so that video is not shift one way or the other ~ 1 in. off screen. This is not the same as the "need psmouse=proto.imps" issue but I have noticed that *that* line is now obsolete in FC 5.

Now I have 4 FC 4 and 1 FC 5. The FC5's video does not sync correctly at all, even when I have the correct display configured. It might stay in sync if I switch to 3 of the others but is definitely not in sync with one of the others.
The FC 5 machine is using the Intel graphics driver (mine is i845).

Thanks in advance for the help.


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