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[Resolved] Re: get gcc4.0 for fc5

hi all,
thanks for all your suggestions.
i downloaded the source from the gcc homepage compiled it and installed it to /usr/local/gcc4.0, now i can use the gcc32 and gcc 4.1 which came from FC5 and alternatively the one in installed myself on /usr/local/gcc4.0.

best, jo

On 5/19/06, James Kosin <jkosin beta intcomgrp com> wrote:
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Kayvan A. Sylvan wrote:
> On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 11:19:22AM +0200, Johannes Rainer wrote:
>> nice idea, but i'm afraid that this will overwrite my gcc4.1
>> but actually i want to have both...
>>> the FC4 gcc rpm ??
> install the src.rpm for the FC4 gcc, change the prefix to something
> other than /usr in the spec file, rpmbuild it and install it.
Alternately, he could also take a look at the gcc32 src.rpm and mimic
that only make it gcc40 instead.  I think it is the --suffix=  option
for configure....  but, check the documentation for configure --help
to be sure.

- -James
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