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Re: EFI on x86 (Mac Mini)

Daniel Hedlund wrote:
> From what I can gather, the x86 ISOs for FC5 should install on an
> Intel-based Mac, so long as you have installed BootCamp first.

I tried to install FC5 on a MacBook Pro with BootCamp.

The installation process is confused by the fact that the disk is
partitioned with the dual "msdos"+gpt scheme and refuses to go on.
It says something like "the disk has gpt partitions, do you want
to destroy everything or ignore the disk?"; so, to be honest,
it is not refusing to go on, I am. :-)

I didn't find a way to work around the problem.

BTW, I also tried SuSE 10.1: the installation was successfull,
grub didn't work, installed LILO (it works but it doesn't respect
the timeout, starting immediately), the kernel started but
some problems related to hardware support (SATA?) make it lock
(maybe SMP related, as the kernel used by the installer
worked fine).

I used rEFIt to boot Linux (instead of going through Windows
NTLDR menu).

Is there a way to install FC5 without going through the
installation process? I used to just copy files from one
machine to another and adjust configs (fstab, network,
modprobe.conf, ...), but a cleaner approach would be
nice (a standard minimal image from which you can yum the
missing parts).

Best regards.
   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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