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Re: Mailing list software

On Monday, May 22nd 2006 at 05:43 -0400, quoth Paul Michael Reilly:

=>Is there a consensus on what mailing list software to use on Fedora?
=>Left to my own devices I would probably use MajorDomo but figured it
=>was worth asking if a another choice might be better.  The intent is
=>to set up self subscribing CVS notifications email lists for various
=>software modules.  A web interface would be nice.

I have to give a plug for Majordomo2, not to be confused with Majordomo. 
Mj2 is a total rewrite from scratch. Mj has not has a lick of support 
since '95? Mj2 has a very nice web interface. I have been using it for 
years. It has an object oriented system of configuration. Check it out at 


If run a number of lists which you can look at if you like


Probably the only list that might be of interest would be man-bytes-dog 
but at least you can see what it smells like.

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