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Re: Email (Major Problem) =>

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On Mon, 22 May 2006 13:12:31 +0100 James Wilkinson <fedora westexe demon co uk>

> CodeHeads wrote:
> > If I completely redid "both" machines how can I have a root kit???
> *Exactly* the same way you had one before. You had a vulnerability
> before, through which an attacker broke in and installed a root kit. If
> you then installed the same software from scratch, obviously you will
> have reinstalled the vulnerability. The attacker can then use exactly
> the same exploit to get in.
> As for "how it happened" so quickly, remember that the attacker knows
> that there has been a history of vulnerable computers at that IP
> address [1] -- so it's worth trying the same tricks (and related tricks)
> again.
> It wouldn't be that difficult to write a "control program" that checked
> to see which computers it "0wnz", and which of them are on-line. If a
> computer goes off-line, it could keep an eye on that IP address or DNS
> name (and possibly nearby ones) to see if a "cleaned" computer came back
> on-line -- in which case, it would want to re-install the rootkit before
> the legitimate administrator could install a fix.
> You *really* need to rethink your software. yum update won't help for
> this -- you will need to change to a more secure package, if there
> aren't any fixed versions.
> James.
> [1] If I remember right, we think the vulnerability was in a web
> server-side script. That sort of implies a website, DNS resolution, and
> probably fixed IP addresses.

James, thanks!! :)

I kinda figured that.  I did find a lot of information doing searching on
google, (man's best friend).   I will have to get all the info together and
post it and see what everyone thinks.  Hopefully that will happen today

Thanks everyone who helped. :)

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