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Re: fedora-package-announce@redhat.com message ?

At 12:18 AM +0930 5/23/06, Tim wrote:
>On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 13:15 +0100, James Wilkinson wrote:
>> As far as I can tell, no messages are actually categorised in a way
>> that the list manager understands.
>I was beginning to wonder about that, too.  Some goofup with the
>filtering pattern, perhaps.
>> Has anyone played with the setting underneath, "Do you want to receive
>> messages that do not match any topic filter?" It's set to "No" by
>> default. If you check that, and start getting e-mail, then my guess is
>> right.
>I set that to "no."  From a logically point of view, you have to, if you
>expect to filter only the message that you want.  If you set it to
>"yes," there was no point in selecting the other filters.

No, you are confused about the intended meaning.  "Messages that do not
match any topic filter" doesn't mean "any selected topic filter".  The
intent is clearly that, when a message that isn't for FC3, FC4, or FC5
appears, you could either get it or not get it.

It's not well thought out, though.  When FC6 appears, it will be a new
topic that no one has selected yet, so the setting for "untopic'ed"
messages still won't let them through.

>I'm beginning to wonder if they got to clever for themselves with this
>idea, and should have simply set up three different mailing lists.

By now, yes, certainly.  Or they could just /turn/ /off/ filtering until
they get it fixed.  And thought through properly.
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