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Re: setting up nat

On 22/05/06, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com> wrote:
Antoine wrote:
> Thanks for all your comments and help. I installed shorewall and got
> it configured with a minimum of fuss. I definitely think a tutorial or
> two might be an idea on the website though...
> Cheers
> Antoine

Excuse me?  What site are you talking about?  Shorewall has got to be
about the most documented firewall around.  And, if you can get past the
rough edges, Tom Eastep is the best when it comes to answering questions
on the Shorewall mailing list.


Is the best starting place...

OK - link might have been a better suggestion. I would be surprised if
there were many other major distros out there that didn't have an easy
"standard" way to set up masq (through a network wizard, say) - and I
searched for ages before looking at the very guide you link to above.
They are indeed excellent guides, though I agree (see other post) that
for someone with no networking knowledge it would have been daunting.
After coming from gentoo, there is one thing that I miss already and
that is the documentation - gentoo has very little commercial support
(compared with fedora/suse/ubuntu, etc) but their docs are easily the
best I have ever seen...

This is where I should put some witty comment.

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