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Re: Disk 2 and 3 Corupt

Luke wrote:
I don't image I am the only person to bring this up, but can someone point me to a place where I can download discs 2 and 3 for the Fedora Core that do not contain corrupt packages?

I have downloaded both from here:


I have tried downloading and burning to disk twice. Both times disk 2 and 3 were currupt (i.e.: Did not pass the integrity test, when I tried to install anyway, was unable to read from disk 2).



I gather you are trying to get Fedora Core 5 and the data you downloaded OR the cd-rom you made are bad. If you check the size of the .iso and compare it to that on the computer you get it from, and they are identical then it was a problem making recording the cd-rom.

   Tell us which software are you using to amke the cd-rom?


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