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Re: Disk 2 and 3 Corupt

Luke wrote:
> I don't image I am the only person to bring this up, but can someone
> point me to a place where I can download discs 2 and 3 for the Fedora
> Core that do not contain corrupt packages?
> I have downloaded both from here:
> ftp://ftp.uninett.no/pub/linux/Fedora/core/5/i386//iso/
> I have tried downloading and burning to disk twice. Both times disk 2
> and 3 were currupt (i.e.: Did not pass the integrity test, when I tried
> to install anyway, was unable to read from disk 2).

if you verify the sha1sum of the iso image after downloading and before
burning you can at least confirm that it matches in the released version
before burning burning a coaster... Assuming it does then your burner is
probably the culprit, and you best bet is trying to burn at a slower

last time I checked on our mirror all disks matched the sha1sums
(otherwise we'd delete and re-mirror them).


> Thanks,
> Luke

Joel Jaeggli (joelja uoregon edu)
GPG Key Fingerprint:
5C6E 0104 BAF0 40B0 5BD3 C38B F000 35AB B67F 56B2

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