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Re: Mailing list software

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Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 1:33 PM -0400 5/22/06, Todd Zullinger wrote:
>>Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> The only real problem I've seen with mailman is that it is written
>>> in python and has had version incompatibilities over the years,
>>> but if you stick to what is included in a distro someone else
>>> should take care of that.
>>Just as a point of reference, I've run a mailman server on RH7.3 for
>>years now and have kept it updated with the latest version of
>>mailman through most of that time.  I have lagged behind at
>>mailman-2.1.5 for a while because newer versions to have some minor
>>dependencies on python 2.3 (where rh7.3 comes with 2.2.2) and I
>>haven't gotten around to updating python yet.
>>I'd say that any version incompatibilities in mailman have been
>>fairly rare and minor, at least in my experience.
> He meant versions of Python.  When Python changes, a new Mailman may
> be needed for the new Python.  It is possible (of course ;) to have
> two versions of Python installed if apps that need each version are
> required.

Python doesn't change that rapidly.  RH7.3 has python 2.2 and FC4/5
has 2.4.  The currently shipped mailman package for FC4 is 2.1.5, the
same version that I've been running on RH7.3 for a long time now.  All
I'm saying is that version incompatibilities are not much of a problem
in my experience and I've used mailman on numerous systems with
varying versions of python and mailman for several years now.

The only recent version incompatibility that I'm aware of is that
mailman version newer than 2.1.6 have some parts that require python
2.3.  You can run it on 2.2 if you know what to tweak and aren't
worried about some of the edge cases that require python 2.3.

YMMV.  :)

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