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RE: which is batter ext3, reiserfs or XFS

Dear ALL,


I got the FC5 DVD and i tried to do a fresh install on my laptop with reiserfs after the installation when I rebooted

The system after booting the kernel when its trying to start services, for each thing it shown me “Unable to open

shared object libc.so” than I booted again from dvd in rescue mode and do the chroot to my installation but I was not

able o find libc.so in /usr/lib or in /usr/local/lib, than i repeat the installation 2 time but same thin with reiserfs than I installed

FC5 with ext3 and worked fine for me.


Does any body else faced this problem with reiserfs? what is the issue? I have faced strange issues with FC4 also (with reiserfs)

Why fedora does support reiserfs properly?


Another question, which is the best file system i.e. secure, fast and reliable, ext3, reiserfs or Xfs?





Ankur Saxena.

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