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Re: ntpq no longer working -

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 09:53 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Bob Goodwin wrote:
> > Ok, I read and reread the man page for hosts and hostname, etc.  They
> > put very little light on the subject of configuring /et/hosts beyond the
> > ground rules that I am already familiar with.  Removing the "box1" alias
> > from the first line results in a very slow reboot of the system, it
> > stalls on "sendmail" and "sm-client" for something on the order of a
> > minute on each one, adding "box1" reduces the entire boot process to
> > what seems like less than a minute on this old computer.
> Fine...but that is a different issue and is probably related to
> configuration of sendmail and sm-client.
> > The man page says nothing about aliases, just shows a few in the example
> > and it also seems to be saying that the host names must begin with a
> > "letter."  "They must begin with an  *_alphabetic*_  character  and 
> > end  with  an  alphanumeric  character." I suspect that's a typo and it
> > should read begin and end with alphanumeric character?
> It shouldn't have to say anything about aliases.  Aliases are simply
> other names a system is known by.
> >       localhost       localhost.localdomain   box1
> >        box2
> >        box3
> >        box4
> >        box1
> >   box1
> FWIW, the hosts file is used to determine the IP address of where you
> want to go.  The file is used in looking up in very simple linear
> fashion.  So, the last 2 lines are kind of meaningless since it is only
> the first match that is used.

Not entirely meaningless. Reverse lookups of and
should return "box1" with these lines present, which they wouldn't do

> On "box1" type "ping box1" and you will always see that the loopback
> address of is always used.

I'd drop the "box1" from that localhost line too.


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