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Re: ntpq no longer working -

Paul Howarth wrote:

>> FWIW, the hosts file is used to determine the IP address of where you
>> want to go.  The file is used in looking up in very simple linear
>> fashion.  So, the last 2 lines are kind of meaningless since it is only
>> the first match that is used.
> Not entirely meaningless. Reverse lookups of and
> should return "box1" with these lines present, which they wouldn't do
> otherwise.

Pretty meaningless...even if it did work...and I have serious doubts of
that.  No practical use.

>> On "box1" type "ping box1" and you will always see that the loopback
>> address of is always used.
> I'd drop the "box1" from that localhost line too.

You may have noticed that the OP states that taking box1 off the
localhost line causes his boots to take a long time.  Another
configuration issue most likely....but I get the feeling that quite a
few things may be mis-configured on his system.  :-)

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