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Re: ntpq no longer working -

Ed Greshko wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:

FWIW, the hosts file is used to determine the IP address of where you
want to go.  The file is used in looking up in very simple linear
fashion.  So, the last 2 lines are kind of meaningless since it is only
the first match that is used.
Not entirely meaningless. Reverse lookups of and
should return "box1" with these lines present, which they wouldn't do
Yes, I was able to ping every item listed ... It appears that the line for
is not required, the system can find eth1 without any help from "hosts?"

Pretty meaningless...even if it did work...and I have serious doubts of
that.  No practical use.
You are correct in that the line is not required, I removed it and the wireless bridge continues to work. Remember this is not a wireless adapter card but an wireless ethernet bridge and I thought it required treatment as another ethernet port. I chose it to get around the driver problem I was having making an wireless adapter card work, no ndiswrapper required. It is connected to eth0. Obviously I was wrong.

On "box1" type "ping box1" and you will always see that the loopback
address of is always used.
I'd drop the "box1" from that localhost line too.

You may have noticed that the OP states that taking box1 off the
localhost line causes his boots to take a long time.  Another
configuration issue most likely....but I get the feeling that quite a
few things may be mis-configured on his system.  :-)
I am quite willing to admit to not being an expert at this game but this
"misconfigured" computer performs better than many I read about on this
list. I have relatively few problems and solve most of those myself. Much
of the configuration just evolves and I imagine some benign "misconfiguration" remains and goes unnoticed. Despite those considerations the real measure of
success would seem to be does it work?

That said, I really am open to criticism and want to make things as nearly right as practical at my level of expertise. I am not offended and I do appreciate
the assistance I received.

Bob Goodwin

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