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Re: ntpq no longer working -

On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 15:46 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:

> I think dhcp acts beyond the eth0/ wireless bridge.  Somehow
> I have to direct the computer to that eth0 interface if it's going to
> reach the internet, printer, etc.

A few points, in case things are not clear:

A machine has a hostname, it refers to itself.  Generally speaking, one
of the network interfaces is associated with it (sometimes just the
localhost one).  This allows things within the machine that use
networking to work (such as the X server, internal mail, etc.).  It's
also used for inter-machine communication (e.g. SMB).

Each interface (generally) has a unique address.  The address refers to
the interface, not the machine.  Within the machine the netmask is used
against the interface address to determine where external traffic goes
(directed through a gateway, or just out a specific interface).

e.g. An interface at with a netmask of will
consider all to to be on the same subnet, and
be internal traffic.  An address that doesn't start with 192.168.1 will
be external to the subnet, and must go through a gateway.

>>> Can I put the bridge address on the line above it?
>>>       localhost.localdomain   localhost
>>>        box2
>>>        box3
>>>        box4
>>>	box1

> I don't think the last line is correct as above. box1 should
> be eth1 while is eth0 that connects to the wireless
> bridge.  Perhaps as you say I should have named them differently
> somehow but I tend to think of  them as interfaces to the same
> computer, box1.  Box1 has to interface either the LAN or the wireless
> network. 

In some ways I'm loath to suggest "naming" things eth0 and eth1, they're
rather vague, and can change in some circumstances.  If you're going to
name interfaces to be abundantly clear, perhaps using names like wired
and cabled might be more practical.	localhost.localdomain	localhost	box2	box3	box4	wired.box1	thebox1hostname	wireless.box1

Presuming that it's box1 that you're having the troubles with (prelonged
boot, etc.), I'd place the hostname assigned to the box into the hosts
file against one of the entries for its interface that has a fixed IP

By now I'm probably as confused as you are about your network, and a
diagram might be quicker to follow than describing it in words.
Particularly regarding not just how machine to machine networking is
expected to work on your network, but how you're interfacing it to the
outside world.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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