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Re: Disk 2 and 3 Corupt - maybe not :-)

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 11:18 -0600, Reg Clemens wrote:
> >>> and burned at speed 12 and then 2 (using ISO Recorder). Both times disk
> >>> 2 failed the test.
> Try running a CD cleaner disk thru your CD reader, the lens may be
> dirty.  

That's possible.  It's more likely that a "hdX=nodma" or "ide=nodma" on
the boot command line would solve this issue.

Also, if you used a verify-after-burn thing to compare the burned CD
against the ISO image after you burned it and they matched, just skip
the damned CD verify step in the install.  I mean, you checked the ISO,
you verified that the burned CD matched the ISO...why bother checking it
yet a second time?  Turn off DMA using one of the options above and

> But yea, this new 'policy' of only having one try at a disk in 
> Fedora 5 really sucks.  If I had problems like this before I would remove
> the disk, polish it a bit, and try again.  ALWAYS worked.

Uh, yeah.  Personally, when I see ISO images at 688MB, I think it's time
for the powers-that-be to start creating 6-disc distributions.  688MB is
pushing a 700MB CD WAY too farking hard.  Don't forget, there's a 10MB
lead-in and a 10MB lead-out on each "session".  Right there, you're
talking about squeezing 708MB onto a 700MB single-session disc.  It's
pretty obvious why many people have issues, isn't it?

CDs are reasonably cheap.  A 6-disc collection is only going to cost 20%
more in raw media cost than a 5-disc collection (with current prices,
that's what, $0.75 US?).  Hardly worth talking about, and a lot of the
"verify failed" or "I burned a coaster" complaints will just "go away."

Packagers, really, an ISO of 650MB is about all you can reasonably
expect people to burn and verify reliably on most home drives.  Please
don't push CD images larger than that...you're simply asking for lots of
angry bug reports and doubts cast upon your ancestry.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...
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