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Re: cups relaying remote broadcasts to a local subnet

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 17:10 -0700, Thomas Taylor wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 May 2006 08:22, Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
> > Everyone,
> >
> > I posted a request last week that I am still not able to solve.  I am
> > unable to broadcast cups remote printer information to a local subnet
> > that is different than the external network card.
> >
> > In looking at the cups examples I have not seen any example of this
> > capability so I am wondering if anyone else has made this work or is
> > this a design limit of cups.
> >
> > Here is the example ip address obviously have been changed
> >
> > "Remote A"     <->     "Remote C"
> >
> > "Remote B"     <->     "Remote C" 64,35,30,18
> >
> >
> > Remote A is a two ethernet card gateway to a local network
> > Remote B is a one ethernet card gateway to a local network
> > Remote C is a two ethernet card gateway to a local network
> Why are there two ethernet cards on A and C but only one on B?
> If B is the portal to the internet, how does it connect to the router?  
> Doesn't it use an ethernet card for that?  If so, how does it connect to 
> Remote C?  That would also need an ethernet card 
> How does Remote A connect to the internet, does it route through Remote C to 
> Remote B or is it not supposed to?
> >
> > Remote B has only one card because it is attached to an isp's router
> > that has NAT translation to a local subnet of
> >
> > I am able to get broadcasted printer information into the local network
> > of Remote  B, but not Remote A or Remote C.  The difference obviously
> > being the fact that A and C have an internal and external ethernet
> > cards.
> >
> And how are those cards setup?  Internal & external subnets to what?
> > When I look at the examples on the cups documentation or ESP
> > documentation I have not found any examples of a two network card
> > machine broadcasting to an internal subnet different than the external
> > subnet.  There are examples of broadcasting to an internal subnet that
> > has the same subnet as the external card.
> >
> > I would like to know if any of you have been able to make cups broadcast
> > remote printer information to an external ethernet card and then through
> > the internal ethernet card using a different subnet for a local network.
> > If this is possible I would sure like some help.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Greg Ennis
> Please provide more information, thanks.
> -- 
> Tom Taylor
> Linux user #263467
> Federal Way, WA

Thanks for your help.  Sorry my explanation was lame.

Each of these Remote A, Remote B, and Remote C are separate networks in
different and remote locations.  

B only has one ethernet card because the ISP has a router with nat
translation directed to its ethernet card.  ie the IP address of B is
10.0.0.x internally and the router translates the external
to 10.0.0.x.  

Remote A and Remote C have two internet cards each.  One card is
connected to the internet and the other card is connected to the local
lan at each site.  With A and C all traffic is required to go through
them to reach the internet.  With B I route all traffic through it, but
the traffic is not required to go through it.  

Each of these networks has a different isp, and their own gateway ie (A,
B, and C).  I am getting ready to change isp on B and when that happens
it will become a two ethernet card machine as well but before I switch I
would like to be able to get cups to work behind a two ethernet card

I use a subnet on the local network behind A, B, and C of 10.0.0.*.

In essence I can easily get cups to work on a subnet behind a gateway
that functions with the same subnet (B), but I can not get cups to work
on a subnet on the inside of a gateway that has an external ip on a
different subnet than the interal lan (A and C).

Sure appreciate your help!!!


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