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Re: Securing SSH

Heh, and if you manage to slam that second door in haste.... I like a
door that locks for a short time in as much as I have sufficient faith
in my ability to lock my keys in the car twice in succession. I am an
organic based intelligence unit even though I try to convince some
people otherwise. Where safe matters I try to fail safe. Where being
operational matters more I try to fail operational. That's how I lived
long enough to have all these grey hairs.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Guillermo Garron" <ggarron alketech com>

Yes you are right, you can get completly blocked if you missed your options... what i do for this , is to have a second door. (another Linux box) to wich i can go to.. and from this to the first and unblock me :)

but it depends on everyone wich option to take, anyway you are right,,, mine is a little bit dangerous. :)



jdow escribió:
That is NOT what I consider a comfortable idea while I am on the road,
guillermo. The configuration I have simply rate limits attempts. So if
I screw up due to a keyboard with no capslock on it that I use with my
laptop, I am not permanently locked out. I can wait a couple minutes
and get in. (I also do this with pop3s and imaps. I REALLY want to be
able to get in from wherever I am likely to travel. Erm, I do tend to
lock out parts of the world I do not expect to visit. Most of Asia is
now blocked in front of my little tool as I discover netblocks that
make the attempts. It's interesting that few if any other parts of
the world seem to be running attacks. For every one attempt from say
the US I get two dozen from Asia. I'll have to unblock Southern
China soon. My partner's makeing a trip there for business in the
near future. I also maintain a permanent hole to ONE other address
on the net where I have a shell account. I figure that's safe and my
next level backup for getting in when I have to.)

I also trust the iptables firewall more than tcpwrappers, although I
keep both in the "circuit."

{^_^}    Joanne, color me paranoid.
----- Original Message ----- From: "Guillermo Garron" <ggarron alketech com>

I can also recommend denyhosts

yum install denyhosts

when you fail n time the login via SSH your IP will be added to the /etc/hosts.deny/ you can configure the "n" ...

you can also configure it to avoid adding the IP of your office to the /etc/hosts.deny/ even if you fail the logging, no matter how many times.

This should mantain the hacker out of your system if you have a strong password for all your users, and limit the "n"to a small number no dictionary attack should have success.

hope it helps.



jdow escribió:
From: "Brian D. McGrew" <brian visionpro com>

Good morning,

I'm looking to tighten up my ssh configuration.  I have to have SSH open
on the box at home so I can get to it from the office.  I've found
several articles on securing ssh that include deny root access and
require 'wheel' group membership for su.

Is changing the port to something non-standard a good idea?  What else
can I do; can someone point me to a good write up on it?

At the risk of being tendentious about it this is the trick I found
works very well:

$IPTABLES -A INPUT -p tcp --syn --dport 22 -m recent --name sshattack --set
$IPTABLES -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 --syn -m recent --name sshattack \
 --rcheck --seconds 120 --hitcount 3 -j LOG --log-prefix 'SSH REJECT: '
$IPTABLES -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 --syn -m recent --name sshattack \
 --rcheck --seconds 120 --hitcount 3 -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset

Modify it to match your defines and names. I built my own set of rules
that have some special capabilities in them that I need. (I open a video
streaming hole when needed from another host on the system, for example.)

What this does is prevent any site from making more than two tries in
120 seconds. So far all attacks have been steady streams at VERY high
rates of connection attempt. They all get blocked after the first two.
Barring a cosmic accident with the right password being guessed right
off there's no chance of a break in even with ABCDefg as a password
before the Earth is engulfed by the Sun as the Sun ages. Even if they
get the 120 second rythmn going a decent password would be good just
an awesome long time. So it's not worth their efforts.

{^_^}   Joanne

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