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Re: 64-bit MB / Processor question

cajun cajuninc com wrote:
> A little background. I live in David, Panama. Not really a hot-bed of
> computer supply stores around here. I recently lost a motherboard due to a
> power surge. 
> The first replacement motherboard I got, didn't work with my AMD
> processor. And that was the only motherboard available to accept my
> processor. 
> Moving right along, I can get an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor and
> matching motherboard.
> My question is, will I be able to run with my existing 32-bit FC5 setup or
> will I have to get the 64-bit version of FC5. Being stuck on dialup and
> needing to download a different O/S is not a fun thing.
> Will it work with the 32-bit O/S until I can get somewhere where I can
> download the 64-bit version?

The amd64 cpu will happily use your 32bit os.

> Thanks,
> Mike

Joel Jaeggli (joelja uoregon edu)
GPG Key Fingerprint:
5C6E 0104 BAF0 40B0 5BD3 C38B F000 35AB B67F 56B2

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