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Re: cups relaying remote broadcasts to a local subnet

> > Tom,
> >
> > Thanks for your help.  Sorry my explanation was lame.
> >
> > Each of these Remote A, Remote B, and Remote C are separate networks in
> > different and remote locations.
> >
> > B only has one ethernet card because the ISP has a router with nat
> > translation directed to its ethernet card.  ie the IP address of B is
> > 10.0.0.x internally and the router translates the external
> > to 10.0.0.x.
> >
> > Remote A and Remote C have two internet cards each.  One card is
> > connected to the internet and the other card is connected to the local
> > lan at each site.  With A and C all traffic is required to go through
> > them to reach the internet.  With B I route all traffic through it, but
> > the traffic is not required to go through it.
> >
> > Each of these networks has a different isp, and their own gateway ie (A,
> > B, and C).  I am getting ready to change isp on B and when that happens
> > it will become a two ethernet card machine as well but before I switch I
> > would like to be able to get cups to work behind a two ethernet card
> > system.
> >
> > I use a subnet on the local network behind A, B, and C of 10.0.0.*.
> >
> > In essence I can easily get cups to work on a subnet behind a gateway
> > that functions with the same subnet (B), but I can not get cups to work
> > on a subnet on the inside of a gateway that has an external ip on a
> > different subnet than the interal lan (A and C).
> >
> > Sure appreciate your help!!!
> >
> > Greg
> This sounds like an application that could use a vpn (virtual private network) 
> over the internet.  I haven't done this yet but have seen it used at one 
> company.  You should be able to get information from the LPD howto's on vpn 
> or try googling for vpn.
> HTH,
> Tom
> -- 
> Tom Taylor
> Linux user #263467
> Federal Way, WA

I have not set up a VPN yet either and had wondered the same thing.
Does this mean you believe that cups is not designed to perform in the
way I the network designed?  

I thought cups was a little more robust than that!!!


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