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Re: ntpq no longer working -

Tim wrote:

According to that diagram you have two devices with the same IP on the
same network (the router and box 1), that can't work.  Change one of
them.  Not sure which?  A common practice is to have a .254 ending
address for routers (e.g., though it's not a requirement.

The diagram was an artifact from the beginning of this effort about a month ago which I did not update accurately. I have refined it somewhat, it may not be perfect
but it's pretty close to what I have now:


Be sure that each device on your network has a unique address.  The
computers, the routers, the modems, etc.  Anything that has an address.
Be sure that you don't have two DHCP servers running on your network,
like one in the modem, another in the router, and on any PCs, unless
they're configured to be co-operative.

If that doesn't get you going, write back.  Also say which machines
won't let you use ntpq -p.
Ntp is working normally since I corrected the spelling error in /etc/hosts. I am accustomed to seeing much lower delays, on the order of 160 ms, and better offsets, usually near 1 ms, but it is working and I don't think I need such great accuracy. I believe I am limited by the system delays through Wildblue. Transit time to and from the satellite must be on the order of a quarter of a second in addition to various other system delays? A different system, different delays.

ntpq -p
remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter
*clock2.redhat.c .CDMA. 1 u 336 1024 377 782.102 -37.002 33.486 -ntp-1.cns.vt.ed 2 u 124 1024 377 638.197 -114.54 592.388 +ntp-2.cns.vt.ed 2 u 217 1024 377 895.992 -38.624 450.190 +ntp-3.cns.vt.ed 2 u 201 1024 377 866.235 -30.429 101.981 -ntp-4.cns.vt.ed 2 u 715 1024 377 627.849 -148.08 95.752

I believe both the router and the bridge are set for dhcp. For whatever reason I haven't been able to get to the bridge setup screen. That's an annoyance and I don't know why but it works as it is, help from Linksys would require moving it back on to a Windows computer and then I would have a language problem. Some of the addresses on the diagram were gleaned from the
etherape display, e.g. the for the router.

Bob Goodwin

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